CareRx is partnered with the all of the leading eMAR systems on the market today.

  • Improve patient safety and drug accuracy by reducing medication administration errors. Studies have shown that using eMAR can reduce the error rate by up to 87%*;
  • Increase efficiency because medication orders are linked directly to the pharmacy. Inventory levels are automatically updated and medications can be ordered, discontinued or placed on hold electronically during the Medication Pass Program (MED pass). MED pass can be shortened by up to 30%*;
  • Quickly access patient data and medication administration history with photo technology that makes it easier to verify the 5 R’s:
    Right drug, Right client, Right dose, Right route of administration and Right time

Implementing eMAR can enhance the quality of care at your residence. Improved record keeping capabilities, automated data backup and patient medication alerts are just a few features that will help keep your home running smoothly and safely.

Designed to have a user-friendly interface, it is so easy to use that anyone with limited computer experience can quickly begin working with the system.

Ask how CareRx can help you transition to eMAR so you can spend less time on documentation while increasing efficiency and the quality of patient care.


Qmentum Accreditation Program

If your business is Qmentum Accredited or you are looking into becoming Qmentum Accredited CareRx service paired eMAR will help you meet the standards and fulfill many audit requirements.

Accreditation Canada’s Standards for Managing Medications address the safe use and effective management of medication, and are to be used by businesses with or without an on-site pharmacy. The standards emphasize a collaborative approach to prevent and reduce adverse drug events (ADEs) by addressing all aspects of a medication use process, from selection and preparation to administration of the medication and ongoing monitoring of clients.

To learn more about how our services can help you achieve and maintain Accreditation please contact us.

*Source: MED e-care Optimizing RUGs Funding, 2011