Pouch Compliance Packaging

CareRx has partnered with TCGRx, developer of the Automated Tablet Packager which provides cutting edge Pouch Compliance Packaging technology – a medication management solution proven to increase efficiency and accuracy during medication administration versus traditional blister cards. Medication delivery through Pouch Compliance Packaging is proven to be more cost effective through more efficient medication administration and also results in less work related injuries.

Benefits of Pouch Compliance Packaging in the Care Facility

Medication patterns have changed significantly over the years necessitating a better way to administer medications. The number of medications administered continues to increase resulting in a more intensive medication pass.

Traditional blister cards were developed in the 1970’s and are no longer considered the safest or most efficient way to administer medications in care homes.

Pouch compliance packaging has become the new gold standard of medication administration with these benefits:

  • Reduces med pass times by up to 25%;
  • Reduces medication errors from 8% to close to 0%;
  • Decreases the space requirements through being able to keep all medications inside a med cart instead of hanging blister cards in a medication room;
  • Minimizes the need for custom pill crushing tools – pills can be crushed in the pouch and each pouch is compatible with the Silent Knight pill crusher;
  • Reduces repetitive strain hand injury caused by punching out bubbles in blister cards;
  • Minimizes risk of back injury linked to dealing with heavy medication racks.



Fig 1. Sample pouch packaging