valComplex Care Facility – St. Charles Manor

Working with CareRx has been a night and day switch for us here at St. Charles. Our old pharmacy provider really had us questioning if we were making unrealistic demands or unreasonable service requests. Now that we have moved over to CareRx it has become clear that we might not have been asking for too much. CareRx has worked with us and shown a willingness to help in a manner that has been prompt, courteous and professional. CareRx is not afraid to help us tackle the tough problems. They accommodate our schedule, not the other way around. We recently launched the new MED e-care eMAR system in our Greensmith wing and the process was well managed and simple. I’ve been part of many launch processes over the years and this implementation was the best I’ve ever been involved with. I have been very happy with the service we have been receiving from CareRx and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Val Seefeldt
Director of Care
St. Charles Manor