Training and Educational Programs

CareRx believes continuous nurse training and education is absolutely necessary in a rapidly evolving health care system where new treatments, technologies, medications and processes are developed every day. For this reason, CareRx service includes complimentary access to our proprietary CARECONNECT online education tool, developed specifically for nurses and Directors of Care.

Designed in collaboration with nurses and Directors of Care, CARECONNECT is an online education tool that allows nurses to keep at the forefront of nursing education, research and best practices with testing and case study follow-up to ensure comprehension.

Through CARECONNECT, homes are able to track nurse participation rates and ensure satisfactory results on quizzes that test understanding of the content. This program fills necessary Continuing Education training credits while providing nurses with the flexibility to complete the training at times that fit into their schedule. All training modules follow the best practices set out by Qmentum Accreditation standards and practices.

To supplement the online training modules, CareRx regularly provides seminars and networking events for our customers. Training and education at these events is based on topic requests received from the nurses and Directors of Care.

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